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Wholesale garden plants suppliers supply the right plants for your customers. Whether you are a landscaper that works on a municipal project or an owner of a garden centre that is looking for the best products for their customers. Van Poecke & Son, in Wetteren near Ghent, supplies you with all the plants that you need.

Looking for wholesale garden plants suppliers? Profit from innovative growing methods

A lot of wholesale garden plant suppliers started out with growing plants and trees in full soil, just like we did. Van Poecke & Son however, is always on the lookout for innovative ways to grow plants and trees. That is why we container-grow most of our plants and trees nowadays. By container-growing our plants we have more control over a consistent quality, height, volume and health of our trees and plants. This gives us an advantage to wholesale garden plants suppliers who do not use this way of growing their plants.

One of the wholesale plant suppliers with an outstanding service

Van Poecke & Son believes that that the best results come from good communications. That is why we always put your wishes first. Whether you do know exactly what you want to buy from wholesale plant suppliers or when you do not, we help you find the right plants for your customers.

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As one of the wholesale plant suppliers of Belgium we strive to deliver the best quality plants, such as prunus and leylandii, and to deliver them as quick as possible to a location of choice. Is your garden centre located in the United Kingdom? Or do you have a wholesale company in Sweden? Wherever you are in Europe, we provide you with the best quality plants. See the catalogue on our website for more information about the different plants that we offer or call us at +32 (0)9 369 21 01 to get a free quote.

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