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Find a variety of Prunus ornamental shrubs at Poecke & Son, a professional Prunus nursery based in Wetteren, near Ghent. These beautiful and versatile shrubs are well-known for their fast-growing, which results in full bushes in just a matter of time.

Order Prunus shrubs for your garden centre or wholesale company at our nursery

Are you the owner of a landscaping company in Sweden? A wholesaling company in France or a garden centre in the United Kingdom? Poecke & Son delivers Prunus shrubs to every company that requires plants in bulk across Europe. Ordering at our nursery guarantees you of a high quality and the best possible service. How we guarantee this? By container-growing the Prunus plants at our nursery in Belgium and with good communications through the entire ordering process.

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As mentioned earlier we think that good communication is key to provide you with the Prunus shrubs that you, and your customers, desire. Look at our website for all the available Prunus shrubs at our nursery. Want to order more than Prunus shrubs only? We grow a wide variety of hedge conifers, rock conifers and rose bushes. Call +32 (0)9 369 21 01 if you want more information about our products, shipment methods or to request a free quote.

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