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Buy Prunus Lauroccerasus Rotundifolia at Van Poecke & Son in Wetteren near Ghent! We grow all kind of plants and trees, varying from hedge conifers to ornamental shrubs, since 1970. You profit from two generations of experience, high quality Prunus Lauroccerasus, Laur, Rotundifolia shrubs and a high level of service.

Discover the features of the Prunus Lauroccerasus Rotundifolia

The Prunus Lauroccerasus, Laur, Rotundifolia is also known as ‘the cherry laurel’. This ornamental shrub is well-known for its long, light green leaves that keep growing through the winter. They have 3 amazing features that your customers will love in an ornamental bush. These features are:

  • It grows fast;
  • The large leaves result in a dense grown shrub in just a matter of time;
  • A robust shrub that is able to handle weather conditions like wind and frost.

Why should you order at Prunus Laur Rotundifolia?

Whether you own a garden centre or a landscaping company, you desire great quality and good service. That is why you order at Van Poecke & Son. Our innovative way of growing Prunus Lauroccerasus, Laur, Rotundifolia and other plants and trees, provide consistent quality, even for the large orders.

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Our goal is to provide you, and your customers, with the highest quality shrubs available. View our website for more information about the available heights and volumes of the Prunus Lauroccerasus Rotundifolia. Are you ready to place your order or do you want a free quotation? Feel free to contact us by sending an e-mail to or calling +32 (0)9 369 21 01.

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