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Want to offer your customers beautiful ornamental shrubs? Order them in large or small quantities at Van Poecke & Son based in Wetteren, near Ghent. With two generations of experience, an eye for quality and innovative ways to grow ornamental shrubs, you find shrubs with a high and consistent quality.

Make your customers happy with beautiful ornamental shrubs

As the owner of a garden centre, you are always on the lookout for the most beautiful ornamental shrubs. If you sell the highest quality, beautiful shrubs, your customers are happy, which can result in returning or more customers. That is why you should buy ornamental shrubs at Van Poecke & Son. We supply over 50 different kinds of shrubs that all have their own unique features and look. Think for example about a beautiful Thuja occidentalis Smaragd.

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Find the right shrubs for your customers

Whether you are the owner of a garden centre or a landscaper, you find the ornamental shrubs that your customers desire in our catalogue. Do you want more information about our different shrubs or request a free quotation Feel free to call us at +32 (0)9 369 21 01. One of our experienced employees is happy to help you.

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