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The Thuja occidentalis ‘Brabant’ is one of the most popular types of Thuja conifers that we sell at our plant nursery in Wetteren, near Ghent. The beautiful light green leaves of this conifer blend well in every garden and they stay green year-round. If you are a wholesaler of plants, a landscaper or the owner of a garden centre, the Thuja occidentalis ‘Brabant’ is what your customers want.

The Thuja occidentalis ‘Brabant’ is a must for every garden

The Thuja occidentalis ‘Brabant’ that you buy at Van Poecke & Son benefits every garden. In most gardens this conifer is used as a separation of different parts of the garden or with the garden of the neighbours, but this conifer is also great as a centre piece within the garden. No matter what kind of garden your customers have, a Thuja occidentalis ‘Brabant’ will always be a positive addition to it.

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When you order the high-quality Thuja occidentalis at Van Poecke & Son, you are guaranteed of a swift delivery to wholesalers in countries all over Europe. Send an e-mail to, call us at +32 (0)9 369 21 01 for more information about our growing process or to request a free quotation.

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