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Looking for a professional rose bush nursery? Choose the quality of Van Poecke & Son based in Wetteren, near Ghent to offer your customers the highest quality rose bushes. Whether you are the owner of a garden centre, a wholesaler or a landscaper, we provide you with the rose bushes that your customers desire.

Find the rose bushes that your customers desire at our nursery

The rose bushes that you find at our nursery do not need a lot of sunlight to grow, but the more sun, the more roses that will blossom in the bushes. There are several types of rose bushes that grow at our nursery. Rose bushes like large blooming roses, vine roses and climbing roses. All the rose bushes that we sell are container-grown, this means that they grow in containers to ensure a high and consistent quality. Keeping a constant length and volume of the rose bushes is also achieved by using this growing method.

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Discover our different rose bushes

Curious about the different rose bushes that we deliver? Look at the catalogue on our website to get an overview of all the different bushes that we grow. Need more information about the rose, taxus or thuja bushes that our nursery supplies? Or do you want a free quote? Contact us by calling +32 (0)9 369 21 01.

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